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Defending IT Audits with Contract AI

Many IT Asset Management (ITAM) teams have historically found audits to be challenging, costly, and time-intensive. However, with the right solution in place, that is no longer the case. Terzo provides a cutting-edge AI solution that automates the establishment of entitlement baselines. This means your ITAM team can now respond to audits more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Terzo AI automates data extraction and entry from contracts, providing you immediate insights through robust analytics and reporting. There's no need for manual data entry, and you won't have to rely on human efforts to painstakingly review each contract. With Terzo, you can expect the highest quality data at the end of the process, making IT audits far less daunting.

Entitlement Baseline Issues

If ITAM teams have their entitlement baselines in order, then they have the foundation needed to fight any IT audit. It’s as simple as that. Right now, there are a few problems with the traditional methods for establishing baseline entitlements:

  • Ongoing Manual Processes. Traditionally, establishing entitlement baselines meant that a human had to read through every vendor contract and manually enter the data. This takes a lot of man-hours and has to be redone every time a renewal comes up.

  • High Consulting Fees. Many organizations outsource this entire problem and have consultants do the work. Which is expensive and not scalable..

  • High Risk of Human Error. Humans reading through thousands of pages of contracts and manually entering the relevant data is never going to be 100% accurate as a process- mistakes can happen, and they usually do. 

  • Partial Solutions. Tools like ServiceNow and Flexera have traditionally been put to use for effective license positioning, and they are all fine tools for identifying usage. But they have zero functionality for identifying what entitlements you own from your contracts. Terzo supercharges these systems by closing that gap.

How Terzo Helps

  • Automated contract analysis. Terzo AI automates the extraction, ingestion and analysis of entitlement data. No more man-hours, and no more human error.

  • Eliminate consulting fees. Terzo AI is more accurate and less expensive than consultants.

  • Supercharged IT Audit Defense. If you have licensing shortfalls that expose you to compliance risk, Terzo will identify them and help you get ahead of the issue.

  • Identify Wasted Dollars. If you have surpluses in the scope of the ELP, Terzo will identify them and position you to negotiate with those vendors for refunds or exchanges.

  • Automated updating. One of the biggest challenges around entitlement baselines is keeping the information updated- it requires manual effort for each new contract, each and every time. Terzo solves this problem- once it’s implemented, Terzo’s solution automatically ingests new contract data and updates accordingly. This keeps you well-positioned to deal with an IT audit anytime.

IT audits have a notorious reputation for causing headaches, but at Terzo, we've cracked the code on solving these age-old problems. Don't let IT audits continue to be a source of frustration and wasting hours and hours of your valuable time. Reach out to our team today, and discover how Terzo AI can transform your IT audit defense strategy.

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