Using Terzo, Achieve consolidated multiple systems and manual processes into an efficient and transparent end-to-end procurement system, delivering ROI on their investment

Terzo has enabled Achieve to remove barriers to productivity by streamlining procurement operations onto one platform. We are now able to operate at a greater speed, with more accuracy, improved compliance, and reduced risk to the business.
Derinda GaumondVP, Strategic Sourcing and Procurement

Customer Challenges

Achieve faced a business-wide challenge of not having a centralized system of record for tracking procurement process, approvals and contracts in a systematic and standardized way. This posed risk for consistent governance, data integrity, and spend controls while introducing manual workflows and inefficiency.

Multiple Systems, Redundant Data

Achieve's procurement requests originated in one system, while approvals were gathered via email and the contract repository was held in yet another system. Purchase orders were manually entered into Achieve's Oracle ERP system, which could lead to entry errors. Contract processing cycle time took longer due to manual processes. It was an opportunity to bring contols, efficiency and automation through Terzo.

Decentralized Governance

The procurement team did not have a centrally governed system by which various cross-functional stakeholders could provide approvals. Stakeholders spent time gathering approvals through email and manually entering duplicate data in multiple systems.

Customer Journey

Achieve set out on a digital transformation journey to explore solutions that would improve data integrity, transparency, and automate highly-manual procurement processes and approvals. The company also needed one system in which cross-functional teams could work together to enforce process controls and compliance rules.

The Big Migration

In preparation to consolidate its processes and data into the Terzo system, Achieve reviewed and redesigned its business processes and refined its data standards. This process re-vamp allowed for a comprehensive data standardization to migrate legacy data into Terzo. Achieve also established new access controls and governance.

Building an Integration Together

Leveraging APIs and standardized data, Achieve and Terzo designed an integration between Terzo and Oracle Fusion to initiate purchase requisitions directly into Oracle, with all relevant data being sent automatically.

  • 50%Reduction in manual touchpoints
  • 70%Reduced cycle time
  • 100%Increase of transparency


Request & Intake

Prior to Terzo, the Achieve Procurement team had to submit a request to IT for all system changes, which could take weeks to implement. Today the team is empowered to configure and maintain the Terzo system (including intake form, requests, workflows, and contracts) without the intervention of technology (first or third party resources).

Terzo Workflows

Terzo workflows are now powering end-to-end processes (system-assigned tasks and approvals) across different business process cycles, including renewals, compliance and legal review, and purchasing processes. Automation and alerting are driving faster cycle times.

Oracle Integration

A sophisticated integration between Terzo and Oracle is powering the purchase order creation process. When workflow tasks reach defined stages in Terzo, automation creates PR's in Oracle, saving time and reducing risk. Purchase Order details from Oracle automatically route back into Terzo which keeps vendor master details between the two systems synchronized.

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