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ProcureTech Selects Terzo for 2022 ProcureTech100

We are thrilled and honored to once again be featured in this prestigious group.

“The ProcureTech100 are the pioneers that are inspiring and driving procurement digital transformation. Pioneers that are customer centric, innovative, high growth and making a social impact. Pioneers that are agile and scalable, with teams dedicated to creating an impact that matters.” —ProcureTech

ProcureTech, in association with Kearney, have researched, enriched, and analyzed the profiles of over 4,000 digital procurement companies' qualitative and quantitative data from the ProcureTech database and proprietary sources. The next step in identifying the top 100 companies consisted of statistical analysis of over 50 key data points including growth, security, customer, financial and employee data to create a short-list. This short-list was then reviewed and ranked by a panel of procurement, technology, and B2B experts.

You can learn more about the ProcureTech100 here.

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